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Forum Rules!!!
vici0usDate: Tuesday, 10/April/12, 11:44:05 PM | Message # 1
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Forum Rules:

Posting Rules

Please note that these rules may be changed or amended at any time, without notice. We reserve the right to enforce these rules at a level of discretion decided on by the forum administration.

Post must be on-topic. By on-topic we mean that the content is relevant for the forum it is posted in. Off-topic posts are moved to appropriate forums by the moderators. A verbal warning may be issued, followed by an official warning, and if behavior continues punishments may be issued.

Personal attacks, impersonation or posting private information will be dealt by with serious consequences.

Links to other websites that contain binary files are not allowed, unless this site is a confirmed trusted site. Links to binary files that look suspicious or are Trojans/viruses will result in a permanent ban. Links to hack sites or trick sites are not allowed. Links to promotion sites or referral type-sites are not allowed. Linking to such sites will result in an official warning and/or ban. Do not advertise other private servers.

No crude or offensive language/images are allowed in posts. It is at the sole discretion of the moderators/admins to decide what is excessive. No pornographic or sexually suggestive mages are allowed anywhere on the forum. Posting such content will result in an official warning and/or ban on first offense.

Rule violations will be enforced against any and all accounts a user may have. If you have more than one account and break a rule on one of your accounts, any and all of your accounts are liable, and will be held up to the same or additional enforcement.

II. Signature and Avatar Rules

No crude, offensive, sexually suggestive, or pornographic language or images allowed. We reserve the right to remove your signature/avatar rights without warning. We also reserve the right to edit your profile information to remove the offensive content. You may or may not receive a warning first.

No links to binary files or sites that contain binary files. Exceptions are sites that are considered trusted. Links to confirmed Trojans will earn you a permanent IP ban. Non-Trojan or virus links will result in removal of links and official warning. If repeated your rights to have a Signature and Avatar will be permanently removed.

No mislabel/deceptive links to any site for any reason. Offending links will be removed followed by a warning, if it continues rights to have a Signature and Avatar will be permanently removed.

III. Private Message and E-mail Rules

Using the private message system or e-mail form to harass or threaten other members will face consequences.

Sending spam, commercial announcements via the e-mail or PM system is a punishable offense.

Sending unsolicited links to pornography or other crude content with out the consent of the other parties involved is a suspend able offense.

NO Links to outside files, binaries, or private severs. Bannable first offense.

IV. General Forum Policies

Forgotten Passwords: If you can not remember your password there is a system for password recovery. If that does not work you may contact a moderator and if they find evidence that your are the same person they will give you a new password and delete your newest account.

Banned/Locked Accounts: If your account was banned for any reason, placed in the 'banned' user group, it will never be restored for any reason. For violation of the forum rules your account will be banned. You are not allowed to create a new account to evade the banning. You must correct the issues that caused your account to be locked or banned. The old account won't be deleted. Creating new accounts to evade punishments will result in the new accounts being locked/banned as well.

External Site Links: We are pretty lenient with posting of other websites however if we get complaints about abuse of this then a stricter policy will be in place. Do not abuse our trust.

Advertising for Money: You may not, under any conditions, advertise for commercial purposes any product or service. This includes, but is not limited to, selling items, accounts, any information, scripts, etc. You may not post links to referral sites, or any other revenue producing links. Failure to comply will result in consequences

Buying or Selling Items/Services for Money: You may not, under any conditions, buy or sell any item or service from or through this website for real money.
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