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2:23:52 AM
Official Release of Pinoy Talisman Online is Here!

Attention Players,

Pinoy Talisman Online has officially launched, which means we’ve made additional game changes based off the feedback we’ve received from the community and are opening up the Reputation Store!

Up Coming Events

 We’ve got a lot of events planned for April so make sure to join in, have fun and win some great prizes.

Reputation Store


What is the Reputation Store? It’s your one stop shop for everything you need to enhance your playing experience.


Ever wanted more inventory space, dye your armor, access your bank while in the field or protect your gear from being destroyed? Well now you can find these useful features and much more in the Reputation Store!


To help celebrate the launch of the Reputation STORE we’re giving you 10% more Reputations per purchase. So if you buy 1000 Reputation you get 100 Reputations free!


This special offer starts March 28th and ends April 31th, take advantage of it while you can!

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